Supporting Students

Gifts to support students extend and expand TU’s rich legacy of student-centered educational excellence and enhance the campus experience for all students.

Funding for student-centered programming fosters student leadership in a diverse and inclusive learning environment and encourages and empowers student research and real-world learning.

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Student-focused support expands opportunities for every student’s academic achievement including scholarships, programs focused on student well-being and successful transition to college, equity and inclusion programming, academic success centers, and resources to promote lifelong career success.

Opportunities for Students

Gifts Are Supporting These Projects

Stories that Inspire

“My life changed. And I knew I would need an updated degree. Scholarships took some of the financial stress off—so I could be a better student and a better parent.”

Andrea Richie ’20

“When I think about my legacy at TU—it is my mentors who moved me to give back. It’s a privilege. Being civically engaged in the community makes you think about how to help those who come after you. My gift funds Model UN, conferences and research positions for students.”

Lauren Cahalan ’18

“The reason I want to help others is rooted in my family background. My story is the epitome of the American dream. I see where my family came from, where I am now, and I see others in need. To ignore it just doesn’t sit right.”

David Diaz ’99

“This is one of the reasons I want to get into academia. We need to be represented in the space for the change to occur.”

Steffi Wilson ’12

“I think it’s incredible that people are willing to share with us and with our program. And the new turf field makes me want to perform at a level that our donors are proud of.”

Camryn Anderson

“Financial support is huge. Traveling the country, flying to places like Colorado to compete at the University of Denver and U Mass and Duke—they are HUGE schools. It’s hard and it's expensive.”

Koby Smith

“I wouldn’t be in college if it wasn’t for financial aid. The Francis Soistman Top Ten Scholars—kind of saved me.”

Stephanie Walther

“When students go into the field and work with homicide detectives in real crime scene scenarios, it adds a whole other level of learning. Additional funding is critical for these kinds of student experiences.”

Dana Kollmann

“TU brought me to Special Olympics- it got me to a place I love and connected me to the people and a field I love.”

Jeff Miller ’24

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Stephanie Walther with RISE shape
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