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Impacting every student’s life at TU, with 40 majors in the humanities and social sciences and more than 50% of its coursework included in the core curriculum.

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TU’s largest and most diverse college benefits from RISE support through building on key areas of strength, enhancing outreach to the community, and providing students with access to high-impact learning experiences.  Preparing students across the curriculum to think critically, communicate clearly, work creatively and apply interdisciplinary skills to solve a wide range of real-world challenges positions them for success post-graduation.

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“The A-List is really like a family. The community and mentorship from A-list is what got me through school. I felt like I had value—putting passion into things I cared about. I have my job at Howard County Library directly because of being an A-List.”

Ash Baker ’19

“When I think about my legacy at TU—it is my mentors who moved me to give back. It’s a privilege. Being civically engaged in the community makes you think about how to help those who come after you. My gift funds Model UN, conferences and research positions for students.”

Lauren Cahalan ’18

“When students go into the field and work with homicide detectives in real crime scene scenarios, it adds a whole other level of learning. Additional funding is critical for these kinds of student experiences.”

Dana Kollmann

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