Building for the Future

Gifts to help us build a world-class campus will support excellence in teaching, research, the student experience and community impact.

TU building

Investing more than $700 million in TU’s physical campus is helping to fuel $1.7 billion in public and private investments near our campus.

New academic buildings provide modern, inspiring spaces that encourage collaborative problem-solving and hands-on learning in the sciences and health professions. The renovated University Union and state-of-the art practice fields and athletic facilities will enhance the student experience and meet the needs of our nearly 23,000 students.

Health Professions Building

Gifts Are Supporting These Projects

Stories that Inspire

“This new Science Complex is really exciting! The architecture embodies a lot of the things we strive to do as scientists in the 21st century.”

Clare Muhoro, Professor of Chemistry

“High quality, leading-edge health care is born of high-quality, leading-edge education.”

Lisa Plowfield, Dean, College of Health Professions

“A new Athletic Academic Achievement Center will benefit all TU athletes. Supporting student-athletes is a wise investment. Employers and graduate schools know that student-athletes develop superior time management skills as well as the ability to effectively work in teams.”

Fran Soistman, Jr. ’79, ’15 (Hon)

Clare Muhoro with RISE shape
Lisa Plowfield with RISE shape
Fran Soistman standing with the RISE shape
Rise to the challenge Rise to the challenge