Jess & Mildred Fisher College of Science & Mathematics

Providing unparalleled opportunities for undergraduate research and preparing a diverse STEM workforce, with a range of leadership programs focused on career preparation and experiential learning.

Student holding test tube in the forest

Preparing students to live in a world of emerging science and new discoveries is our purpose and passion. The Science Complex, which opened in Spring 2021, is evidence of that commitment. The generous support for the Science Complex, and other new academic spaces, provides 21st century teaching, learning and research opportunities scaled to meet the needs of our growing enrollment—130% growth in the college over the past 20 years—and will enhance our community collaborations to encourage STEM learning in our region.

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Stories that Inspire

“Now more than ever, we see health professionals for the true heroes that they are. We are proud to support a learning environment for TU’s faculty and emerging health providers that ensures they will thrive in their professions.”

Roberta and Greg Kahlert

“Towson University students have benefited over the years from the generosity of former physics department chair Eddie Loh. And with $1 million planned gift, they continue to benefit.”

Eddie Loh

“I know the financial struggles that students face, especially today. I left Germany and came to Towson University as a young student, looking for independence and determined to find my own way.”

Gerhard VonHauenschild, Ph.D.

“This new Science Complex is really exciting! The architecture embodies a lot of the things we strive to do as scientists in the 21st century.”

Clare Muhoro, Professor of Chemistry

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Clare Muhoro with RISE shape
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