College of Education

Building on TU’s leadership in the preparation of classroom teachers, school leaders and education specialists for more than 150 years.

Student in class

The College of Education (COE) is preparing our students to respond to the critical education challenges of the twenty-first century, as classroom teachers, school leaders and education specialists. TU graduates are helping to transform education in Maryland and beyond, and the support through the RISE Campaign ensures that TU will keep fueling the regional and national education system with highly qualified and very capable teacher-leaders.

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Stories that Inspire

“The greatest joy for a teacher is seeing the look on a child’s face when she or he perseveres and succeeds. For children who are English learners, this success comes more easily when they have a teacher trained to meet their needs.”

Roberta Kahlert

“TU brought me to Special Olympics- it got me to a place I love and connected me to the people and a field I love.”

Jeff Miller ’24

Roberta and Greg Kahlert with the RISE shape
Jeff Miller with the RISE shape
Rise to the challenge Rise to the challenge