College of Health Professions

Building a state-of-the-art facility for programs that graduate one in five Maryland healthcare workers and a third of bedside nurses. TU has driven Maryland’s healthcare workforce for more than a century.

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The new College of Health Professions Building will lift the space-related enrollment restrictions to help TU address severe employment gaps in the state. The building will also create spaces for innovative and new programming that meet emerging needs in healthcare and launch students in careers as leaders in their fields.

Gifts Are Supporting These Projects

Stories that Inspire

“I thought that it was the right time to make a substantial commitment to TU’s future and hope it inspires others to support the TU. My goal is that a fellow alum will quickly follow my gift with an even larger gift.”

Fran Soistman, Jr. ’79, ’15 (Hon)

“Now more than ever, we see health professionals for the true heroes that they are. We are proud to support a learning environment for TU’s faculty and emerging health providers that ensures they will thrive in their professions.”

Roberta and Greg Kahlert

“This is one of the reasons I want to get into academia. We need to be represented in the space for the change to occur.”

Steffi Wilson ’12

“High quality, leading-edge health care is born of high-quality, leading-edge education.”

Lisa Plowfield, Dean, College of Health Professions

“I wouldn’t be in college if it wasn’t for financial aid. The Francis Soistman Top Ten Scholars—kind of saved me.”

Stephanie Walther

Inspired by nurses’ work during the COVID pandemic, Alena and David M. Schwaber made a record-setting, $1.32 million gift to the College of Health Professions for nursing scholarships.

The Schwabers

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