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Brian Ott, Senior Vice President, speaks on behalf of Whiting-Turner and their support of the Grasmick Leadership Institute and Next Level Leaders Program.

Propelling this region’s next generation of leaders forward is the genesis of the Next Level Leaders Program offered through the Dr. Nancy Grasmick Leadership Institute at Towson University. The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company’s generous support provides access to the program and supports the retention, engagement and workplace culture that will keep fresh talent here in the greater Baltimore region.

The Next Level Leaders Program is a results-driven experience, where managers become leaders by moving from tactical tasks to big picture visioning and execution.

“This approach to leadership mirrors much of what we believe and practice at Whiting-Turner. Growing talent in the greater Baltimore region is a tide that lifts all boats. We all become better.”

— Tim Regan, president and CEO, Whiting-Turner

This cohort-based program is for individuals from across sectors that have the capacity and determination to ascend within their organizations. The inaugural cohort of 24 leaders from 20 organizations, began their interactive 8-month experience in October 2021 with the goal of leaving as next level leaders. Participants discovered self-exploration, uncovered intergenerational workplace motivators, practiced intentional influencing, forged collective leadership, and harnessed strategies and hands-on employee engagement.

Participant goals included: gaining a new awareness of their own leadership style, having a clearer understanding of barriers and motivators to help achieve their goals, and developing a compass to navigate unchartered territories. Each month of the program provided the participants with new tools and opportunities to execute power skills and discover how to apply them in their own organizations to foster retention, employee engagement, and contribute to the overall culture and organizational health.


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