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“This new Science Complex is really exciting! The architecture embodies a lot of the things we strive to do as scientists in the 21st century.”

Clare Muhoro, Professor of Chemistry, Director of Competitive Fellowships and Awards

The new Science Complex at Towson University opened in spring 2021. The largest academic building on Towson University’s campus, with five stories and 320,00 square feet, it supports modern scientific research with teaching and research laboratories, classrooms, lecture halls, collaborative student spaces and a multistory atrium located at its center. The Science Complex also has a rain garden for storm water remediation, as well as a planetarium, observatory, rooftop greenhouse, museum and vivarium.

“The building is open, with lots of glass and windows so that is sort of an embodiment of openness transparency and inclusion,” says Dr. Muhoro. “We want students to see science in action and to collaborate across disciplines. Faculty are sharing research space too.”

What should students expect in the new building? A beautiful atrium where students can sit and discuss and connect with one another, laboratories where students will engage in hands-on experimentation, access to state of art equipment and lots and lots of space. Lab teaching spaces are also designed to seamlessly transition between experiment lecture and the actual experimentation itself. “We can now have students pause between experiment steps and move to a white board. Students can arrange themselves around an experiment and gather around to collaborate on their work,” says Muhoro.

Science Complex building
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“Today’s science is a collaborative enterprise. The challenges we face as a society and that science can help address, really does require all hands on deck and all hands on deck working collaboratively. When students are exposed to collaborating in science across disciplines and working together as team players, it positions them competitively not just in MD but globally as well.”

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