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“High quality, leading-edge health care is born of high-quality, leading-edge education.”


Upon its completion in the coming years, the new College of Health Professions building will serve as the college’s first singular home for more than 4,600 students, who have been scattered across campus and uptown. 

The 229,000 square foot new building—funded by a combination of state-issued capital funds and philanthropic support—will provide the optimal environment to prepare students to meet the state’s deficit of more than 23,000 unfilled health profession positions.

Health Professions building
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“Interdisciplinary, experiential learning gives future health professionals the confidence and skills they will need to make meaningful contributions to the care teams they will join,” says College of Health Professions dean, Lisa Plowfield, Ph.D., RN.

TU is the state’s leading provider of health care professionals and recently graduated dozens of nursing students early to support frontline care amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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