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Barbara Better is a single parent. She sacrificed so much throughout her life for her daughter, Edna Primrose ’84. She helped her, financially, to graduate from Towson University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. The degree, Edna says, changed the trajectory of her life. She is now the President and Founder of Differenza, a business that draws on her years of executive experience in managing large and small organizations and focusing on multiple forms of education programs and policy.

To thank and honor her mother as her greatest champion, Edna created the Primrose-Better Scholarship, which supports College of Business and Economics students, from Prince George’s County, who need financial aid. After meeting recipients of her scholarship, Edna says, “I am creating a legacy of support. I endowed the scholarship so that the Primrose-Better Scholarship will live on.”

In addition to her generous gift, Edna has served the Towson University Foundation (TUF) for six years in a variety of roles and has spent years giving back to TU as a volunteer. Recently elected president of the TUF, she relishes the opportunity to continue to shape TU’s achievements now and in the future.  “I recognize that every contribution matters and is appreciated. I have also reflected on my own experience as a student.”


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