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“Financial support is huge. Traveling the country, flying to places like Colorado to compete at the University of Denver and U Mass and Duke—they are HUGE schools. It’s hard and it’s expensive.”

As the senior, second-year captain of the men’s lacrosse team, Koby Smith understands what an honor it is to have a “C” on his jersey.  “I’m a listener. That’s a quality I’m proud of. Our brotherhood is important. You can’t do it alone.”

Kody describes how he sees people come from different backgrounds and understands that no one has a straight path.” Koby takes his leadership position seriously. He challenged himself, and the team, to focus on mental wellness and change the culture of the team. “I wanted to make it stronger, so we can overcome obstacles together.”

He also knows that it’s the dedication of donors that benefits his lacrosse brothers and all Tiger athletes and helps overcome the obstacles and financial challenges that come with DI sports. “The support goes farther than you think it does. It helps us all. Travel is expensive. And It even helps with new shoes and travel jackets for our teams.”

The Lutherville, Maryland native and communication studies major says he likes going to school close to home. “I’m a big family person. I like being close to my parents and my little brother.” Koby transferred to TU from the U.S. Naval Academy after a semester. His mother is a TU alum as well. Koby’s future plans include possibly pursuing a master’s degree in electronic media and film.

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