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“I think it’s incredible that people are willing to share with us and with our program. And the new turf field makes me want to perform at a level that our donors are proud of.”

Camryn Anderson is a junior, sports management major with a minor in business administration and communications. Camryn chose TU because it’s a good size, a good distance from home (Columbia, MD) and for the reputation of the women’s soccer program.

But reputation is not just about soccer–it’s about teammates and the work the team does on the field and in the classroom.

“We are representatives of the people around us,” she says. Camryn believes that organization is key to keeping her grades up. “We have academic advisors—just to know someone is there for us, guiding us through academic resources—study hall freshman year kept me on track.” The academic resources and support encourage Tiger athletes to work hard and inspire each other—academically and athletically. “I want to raise the bar, to contribute a high GPA to my team and encourage my teammates to do the same.”

In addition to academic success, the new turf field, press box and lights mean that night games and rain games are possible. “Night games are a different vibe and I love playing in the rain. We can even play in the snow! It’s everything I love about soccer.”

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